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that california's results did not make that survey by the department of labour. california had double-digit unemployment that would have kept it above 8%, basically where it was. this just happens to be a mistake one month before the election. this is totally skewed it. you have to pay attention to networks like yours. they are not going to buy into the partisan democratic rag papers like the times. it is a democratic party organ. host: thank you for the call. newspaper endorsements, do they matter. we will get a look at what to expect tomorrow in the third and final presidential debate. later we will check in with three radio talk show hosts from three key battleground states. we follow that with newsmakers, 7:00 for those on the west coast. our guest is the ranking democrat on the house budget committee. during the conversation, one of the questions that came up, the so-called fiscal cliff, what to expect after the election as the deadline looms. [video clip] >> with respect to the sequester park, the automatic across-the- board cuts that take place on defense, i think there is a pr
a republican from california, good morning. how affective do think political ads are? caller: think it is about finding a balance between the pacs and the candidates. i have a lot of friends to think the negative ads go too far. when they actually attack the candidate with the facts, i think they are effected. host: looking back at this "new york daily news" story - she's a single mother and one of the undecided voters. neil, fort lauderdale, independent college. caller: i'm not really an independent in view of the silly stuff going on. i fancied myself as a political agnostic. i believe that political campaign ads are effective if one has been in bed. -- inept. one can clearly know when one is being duped. the lady called from florida rick berg -- referred to independents lacking education. there are a lot of independents out there. the reason we are independent is because we will make up our own minds. i thank you for your time. host: about undecided voters? caller: i think the undecided voters are probably those who are dealing with the daily day- to-day stresses and they don't really unders
vote. california is on board, maryland, a few other states. when the agreement reaches critical mass, when there are enough states on board to have a majority of electoras --host: \ they need 270 -- host: they need to under 70. guest: it is -- host: thaey need 270. bank people in california are not our friend voters -- guest: it changes the dynamic. the current system is a good value for special interests and the people who fund the elections. they can dump all this money in a high of 81 not see any as in most other states just out of balance -- not see any -- of all this money in ohio and not see any in most other states. it is out of balance. caller: in missouri, we have high an -- todd akin republican rep. i believe democrats voted him in his and i know a lot of republicans who did not vote for him. i say, go head and vote for a kin. ostracized for all republicans. claire mccaskill has been the current politician. then there will be term limits and it will stop all of this misinformation and voting across the lines. scientists political also states that legislatures like sacrament
a shot of energy back in there. host: you are a native from california, now living in ohio. california is not even in the mix, the president yesterday raising money. what is it like for you? guest: as someone who studies election law, it is great to be in a state where you see presidential candidates campaigning. because of our electoral college system, most of the country nowadays, it is a small number of states that get virtually all of the attention. we are either the beneficiaries are the victims, depending on your perspective. you cannot turn on the television in ohio without seeing a campaign advertisement, including many presidential advertisements, without being hit by a motorcade. in your station, channel 10, at 5:30 in the morning there is a six minute commercial break and in those minutes six different commercial ads ran. at what point is there a law of diminishing returns? guest: if your campaign has the money, you cannot go quiet. i think he would be at a disadvantage, if they go dark. more importantly, to answer the question, the vote in ohio is today, this week. these ca
from california, a republican there. what are your thoughts on this this morning, on the trust level of government during natural disasters? caller: my mother and i were just talking about it last night and i said i do trust the federal government. we have the highest amount of intelligent resources, first responders. we have state of the art technology in the 911 emergency equipment. we've got all of that at our disposal. but i do believe, i said mom, we have to let the states get a mandate of what they need with eyes on the ground and let them handle the first responders and when it first happens within the first few days or weeks and if this turns into a long-term disaster like the fires we had in california and earthquakes, then the federal government has established itself and can start putting its boots on the ground so to speak. but for the american people to blame the government lake blame bush -- like blame bush, the state should take care of it in the beginning. host: that is how it works right now according to a pest in the "washington post." he says that local and state o
by the democrats, we have three seats in north carolina. there is a seat in indiana and california so we feel good about where we are going. we know this will be a tight election and this is the crunch time for both parties. host: david wasserman goes on to handicap the balance of the house -- guest: we need 25 seats to take back a house and those are his rankings. there are 66 seats across the country right now that president obama won in the 2008 election that are either controlled by republicans for our brand new season the districting not controlled by a democrat right now. we feel terrific about our prospects. we have 53 candidates currently on our registered blue program that highlights our best campaigns. that is twice the number of seats we need to take back the majority. there is plenty of capacity for us to take this back. wasserman has been moving the rankings in our way. host: he also takes up the point you made that democrats are fond of noting how may house republicans were carried in 2008. and and guest: we have 53 candidates. these are campaigns that are our highest benchmarks for
being built in california now by the chinese people. and my state, my governor, brought in teachers from india, relocated them, paid them to relocate, plus the dream act, paying them to relocate. where our teachers are laid off. so i'm saying he keeps blaming bush, blaming bush. well, you can only blame bush so long, and the democrat from florida talking about, oh, the billionaires are against him. who do you think is putting up the money for him to go from state to state at our expense? host: that's bonnie in maryland. we've got an item from "the washington post" this morning. this is by paul cane, the headline, harry reid hurt in a car crash. he's got an update. he says that reid suffered from rib and hip contusions and was cleared for release by doctors, according to the statement from his office. some members of his security detail, along with a staffer, also experienced minor injuries. this is talking about a crash outside of downtown las vegas. host: back to the phones. lisa in parker, colorado, is on our line for independents. good morning, lisa. caller: hello, good morning. host:
. the accusations include billing the government for unnecessary ambulance rides in california. writing prescriptions force patients in dallas that did not qualify. the investigation is part of an effort by the obama administration for health care savings. next is a call from florida, this is gerard. caller: thank you for taking my call. my call this morning -- [unintelligible] when you answer the question, about the role of the government, [unintelligible] they believe people can vote without an id. [unintelligible] i do not understand that. i need someone to explain that. host: thank you. from florida on a voter id. on twitter -- the government's role is to ensure that america is a nation of laws. were billionaire tax cheat sit next to mom welfare cheat, both broke the law. next is sean. pennsylvania, a democrat. good morning, you are on. i am callingler: in about the debate that took place on monday. i believe the wealthy should pay more taxes. isght now, the middle tax suffering. that mitt romney literally lied. he said this, and then last night he changed -- wednesday night he chan
and how that affects campaign 2012 -- and gas prices, california gas prices are expected to relax. they have had high prices recently and the governor has called for an early winter blend fuel. starting today and every tuesday up to election day we will get electoral scoreboard updates from a variety of publications. today features the wall street journal electoral map. a political reporter is joining us from the wall street journal. colleen? guest: first, we can see which states are swing states. we have at 8. a fairly small number of states up for grabs. within those states you can look at several measures. it's important to understanding the state's as we talk about the economy and the national economy and it's important to look at the economy within each of these dates so you can look at unemployment numbers and see how much a gallon of gas will cost in virginia and look at the history of each of these states to give you a sense of where they have been in the past and where they might be headed. so it gives you a good sense of which states are in play. you can even make your o
on to friday from los angeles, california. caller: i do not think they do matter. people believe what they want to believe. i remember when my political philosophy changed. i said, now, all people have to do is find out about free enterprise and how it works. people will realize it is the way to go. no. politics is almost like a religious belief to some people. you can point out any facts he went to and they will ignore them. i will admit that comes from both sides. people do not vote on facts, they vote on the motion. the vote on some kind of family tradition or racial or religious tradition for whatever reasons jews vote democrats. i wish facts did matter, but most people do not care. host: what facts do you think they're being ignored? caller: when you make regulations on an economy and pretend that will not hurt the economy. when you put regulations to the point that if bankers make a loan and the loans did not work out and people lose their money, not only will you go bankrupt, but you might actually go to jail. do you not think that will have an effect on people making loans? you just ign
those heading back. from sacramento, california on our independent line, the morning. caller: the morning. as far as the gender gap, i want to talk about micro lending, which presupposes that women are the justice the words of the economy because they will turn their investments the with-are be trusted stew -- the trusted stewards of the economy. where is income one to come from if the bush tax cuts are reversed? what is going to happen if we increase money on defense and all of these promises. where is the return on investment in romney's vision? why is the intelligence of the american people, especially women, being consulted with all of this language of class warfare? it is completely of certification. i wish there was a more egalitarian few -- view of why it is so important to -- host: a look at food prices from a different perspective. the headline says, u.s. farmers reel from tea prices. much of the u.s. corn and soybean crop had the worst crisis in decades. thailand, turkey, vietnam will increase purchases this year. washington is buying $100 million in pork and $50 mi
at online registration. i believe, california and connecticut have adopted that, if i'm not mistaken. and i think something like eight states have that in place. it will make it easier for people to register. host: our first call for our guest is from boyars down, pennsylvania, republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning pedro. good morning, melanie. and you said in pennsylvania that there was no voter i.d. lot. the voter i.d. law was upheld, but it will not be placed into effect for this november's election. is that correct? guest: that is right. host: basically, you interest -- caller: basically, you introduced it as a partisan thing. but isn't it that a lot of states are just trying to make sure it is one person-one vote and that by approving who you are and will make it easier to assure that each person only gets one vote? rather than trying to disenfranchise orson -- story out of ohio is saying or make it seem like these laws are trying to attend to to disenfranchise a group of voters. it isn't it really preventing the disenfranchisement of all voters by making sure that one person
high in california. gentlemen like your guest are in control of california and have destroyed the ability to build power stations. as far as climate change, the fact is the scandal regarding the e-mails and the corruption of the data was proven. i would like to go into mr. gore's energy credits scandal in the cap and trade at how people have corrupted that and failed to make money on that. it has been debunked and the president's -- host: you brought up a lot of points. guest: thank you, edward. gas prices in california -- there were two huge refineries that shut down for different reasons and that shorten the supply for gasoline in california. they pay premium grade gasoline in california and can sell every drop of that gasoline that they produce for a premium. as for the climate, there has been confusion but this is not about e-mails. this is about arctic ice melting. the lowest level in history. we are not talking about a small measure. we have lost arctic ice, enough to cover the east coast of the united states. the pentagon flies a satellite over that ice 14 times each da
playing field are so important. we would expect a lot of stores in california to find growing sales. but to not hold your breath, this is not likely to be the case. they buy online for convenience, choice, and lower prices. >> steve delbianco talks about whether goods sold over the internet should be taxed, tonight at 8:00 on "the communicators." >> when i watch c-span i particularly like the congressional hearings on proposed pieces of legislation. more importantly, the house of representatives. i find the congressional hearing coverage of particular interest. such as with veterans affairs appropriations. if you realize there's something in the newspaper and you want to get more, you can go to c-span. there was raw data, raw information. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979. brought to you as a public service by your television provider. host: we are looking at a live shot of lynn university in boca raton, florida. the debate will be moderated by bob schieffer of cbs news, host of "face the nation." you are looking at the interior of where the debate will happen
. next call. california. good morning. what do you think about a sense of humor? caller: i think it is important. i think matt romney overdid it. and what up to the president way too much. that is what i think. host: how, one man can make the jokes but not the other? was the tone of? the comments? caller: i think mitt romney did a good job overall. but obama was hilarious. there are a lot of his dinners where he just really knocks it up. host: did it humanize mitt romney for you? caller: i already see him as a human. so not really. host: kathleen writes -- next call, democrat from louisiana. caller: i watched this last night when it came on. i know that they did right -- i know someone else wrote these things. but i agree with the caller that just called and. about governor romney. you know, he took too many shots at president obama. i thought president obama's jokes were better. host: arkansas. joining us now on our line for democrats. what do you think? how important is humor? caller: i think -- they have both been a very, very funny. they both said god bless america. and that
't had one in years. since 2003, we had experienced quite a few tremors. not on the scale of california. but it makes me wonder, will we ever get to that scale? i am definitely -- i think there is climate change. host: ok. phil, on our line for republicans, what do you think? caller: good morning. before i get to my comment and need to say- i something about the c-span call- in policy with us of being limited to a democrat, republican or independent. i believe that, whether we know better not, we are being forced into a box to look at all of the issues in this regard. and if you do not have 1 foot in either camp, then you step back. basically come a lot of the callers are just repeaters. msnbc, democrat, repeating talking points. i believe you all would get rid of this and just last three numbers and let people look at things as individuals. as far as the storm, i think the fact that we are not bringing into this, and that is that the geo engineering programs going on and how they are affecting the weather. there is a great documentary that just came out in august called -- why in the w
support mitt romney line, arlene in santa cruz, california. caller: good morning. i have gotten a lot out of both of these debates. i see there is a clear difference. what i have seen in four years of the obama administration, it is an empty suit and never has had a plan and has been destroying this country. they wheeled out the court jester joe last night to do his shtick and he did it well with all the smirking and by rolling -- eye rolls. it is sad to see that all they have is to put on performances as opposed to what i have been seeing and hearing with romney and ryan -- absolute adults, professionals taking this administration to task over what they've done to this country. and i would say having very concise plans. until you get into the weeds of what's has been grinding away the last four years, you don't know how to plan definitively until you get in the hot seat. so i say bravo to ryan for being did all last night and for taking on the task of being the vice president in this highly explosive situation we are in right now. that's basically what i have to say. host: dennis day on
the university of california at berkeley -- our guest has a law degree from the university of california at berkeley. thank you for filling us in. a number of significant cases on the docket. there is a case and it deals with u.s. courts and human rights violations of broaabroad. guest: that is the first case the court will hear today. that an alien can bring a toward action for a violation of the law of nations. that is a civil lawsuits. so the question is, does this statute applies only to violations of the law of nations that are committed inside the united states, or does it apply anywhere in the world where they might have been committed? the law was largely forgotten until some human rights lawyers dusted it off and use it in their case where refugee sued the former police official who had tortured and killed members of her family. sharon into him in new york city -- she ran into him in new york city. she used the law and won. i don't think she has collected any damages yet. there have been some questions about how far that law extends. this situation is significant. the defendant
] including myself, homeowners in california, looking at a 10 year historic curve. with inflation possibly being affected, things could still double dip into worst times. i would like to see where inflation sits with them. host: daytona beach, florida. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i was wondering why the republicans, why -- how come they give their oath to governor norquist instead of the american people? i cannot get over that. i really believe that they should give their allegiance to the american people who are paying their salaries. host: all right, let's go to monica, florida, homestead. hello. caller: how would mitt romney deal with welfare reform? what would be his ideas into reforming it? i would also like to ask president obama why he did not passed the delta bill or have it prepared with health care when he had control of the house and senate in 2008, 2009. host: we are getting some twitter messages. here is another question, coming to us. host: something that we heard in the republican debates a couple of months ago. let's go to our next caller. what
from california. why are you undecided? caller: it is difficult after a good debate which touched a lot of issues that i was interested in. nobody mentioned anything about foreign policy, which i consider my number one issue. for that reason, i have not picked a party this year. i was a democrat in my younger days. i agreed with our social values. however, in getting more experienced, i understood that you cannot run a country only on taxing the people. you have to have a system that is going to produce wealth at only consume wealth. i became a republican. i have great difficulty with the republicans as well as the foreigns' focus on policy. i do not like war. i don't think we have any business being in the middle east. i follow the persuasions of ron paul but that went nowhere. obama came across last night like a college professor. he was very didactic. you could almost see him shaking his finger at the graduates whose minds would be so easily swayed. didn't work with mitt romney and an intelligence audience. i agree jim lehrer did not enforce any time limits. why do two intelligent pe
the proposal. host: stephanie, highland, california, democratic line. stephanie, good morning. one last tried? we will move on now to allen, texas, on our republicans line. good morning. caller: good morning. i heard something earlier in the program and once again just moments ago about capital gains taxes. there are a whole bunch of people in this country that think we should really put the hammer on capital gains tax people. i would like to mention just one little thing. capital gains applies to buying an asset and holding it for a year, then selling it. how about a tax in which to buy an asset and essentially hold it for a couple of years and you do not pay any tax up to $500,000 capital gain. i never hear that mentioned. host: alan viard? guest: i think he is talking about owner occupied homes, where we do tax the capital gains. provided you have lived in the home for two years. there really is a zeal to tax capital gains, so why not that? there are capital gains on some sales, and part of that does reflect the earnings of the corporation that they have received and generally pay tax on.
of "propublica." a fact checker at mother jones. let's go to california on the democratic line, kay. caller: good morning. i would like to say our democratic system is truly broken. it is now like a sewer system of finances. we need to shorten the length of time that people run for election. two years. all this nonsense. people are jaded from listening to all this nonsense. if we do not do something about this, we're not a democratic system and more. host: george from texas on the republican line. caller: yes, mr. elliott. the reason obama is outspending the campaign is because he will spend all of the money that is reasonable right now. host: do you watch political ads? what is your take on political ads? caller: i watched c-span every day. i understand that obama is the reason that we're in debt. host: a chance to respond if you want to talk about campaign spending verses that spending -- verses debt spending. guest: i don't know if there is a connection. the romney campaign took out $20 million loan in the 20 primary and general election because they were short on money. you have seen differen
in california who has been a victim of some of these super pac adds. and he and others considering legislation to tighten the rules. johnny in san diego, you are supporting gary johnson. why is that? caller: i was a late decider. i was between governor johnson and governor romney. but i actually think he won the third party debate. i was very happy were focusing on that. the whole media treats the presidential race of a football game to give his two teams. but the reality is, i am not y cynicalism.icalis and in california, we are not a swing state. i think the ross perot 15 percent rule is really unfair. but how can you poll that 15% if you are not in the debate anyway. that is why i am not going to waste my vote on either of the two major candidates. host: camille in florida. it decided for president obama. when did you make that decision? caller: i am pretty much of their. unfortunately, i say unfortunately only because of the super pac issues. i just hear people calling in, i have been listening to c-span for a while now. i watched the debates. the libertarian gary johnson, and all of the r
people back to work. host: does the board, california. -- modesto. caller: nancy pelosi said there were still boring to be in charge of the house in 2010 so let the republicans spent all they want. as far as benghazi, he said "act of terror" in passing. this is a cover up. they did not want the american people to know this was an act of terror under his watch. this guy has lied, allied, lied, and wide. what about gay marriage? what about during all this stuff right before the election. all of a sudden, he's gone to let all of these immigrants today -- get a free pass. we are not stupid. this was all done for political gain. we should get this guy got because he should have never been there in the first place. host: a.j. spiker, a caller brought up emigration. this is from the cnn political tinker. these are comments that relate to your neck of the woods. his plans were given in an off the record interview and made public only after they protested that leaving a private would be a disservice. what are your thoughts about immigration and how it might affect the vote in iowa d? guest: if t
. host: gas prices dropped less than a penny in california. that caller mentioned gas prices less than penny. average prices in orange county actually fell tenth of a cent $4.69. still about 51 cents more than last week and 91 cents more than a year ago. georgia, an independent john, go ahead. caller: something that is irritating. i think they really do a disservice in public when they kind of manipulate the ignorance of the political process. one example is when your guest said that the senate voted down an economic bill 90-0. when there's some nuances to that. when you attach abortion legislation to a veteran jobs bull. you will get that result. we need to be more clear when we make statements. not everybody understand what's going on as opposed to trying to score political points. guest: i appreciate what the gentleman had to say. there was no amendment or rider on this approach. every year the house and senate has to adopt a budget resolution. what that is suppose to do is set the basic parameters of government spending and taxes when you do the appropriations bill, they suppose
california on our line for republicans. caller: i believe jim lehrer did an excellent job. i think to try to stay as neutral as he could. it was obvious. i think the second debate, the lady was very biased. she was kind of moving in and being attacked by biden. when you do not have anything going right, you have to attack like a biden did. the economy check mark fails, inflation and our company checkmark fails. policies in afghanistan, fails. when you have all of these failed policies, i am on the west coast and we are paying $5 a gallon of gas. when you have all of these failed, you have to attack, you have to try to defend. and all of the democrats, what are the defending? they are defending nothing but failed policies. host: harkin in next two moderator's be better? -- how can the next two moderator's be better? caller: please do not interfere. host: squirt guns at 15 paces. and new york on our line for independents, hello. caller: i am going to stay on topic. with the moderators, i think jim lehrer did not have the control that the young woman who did the second debate did. she tried
from california. why are you a first-time voter? caller: i have been disenchanted with the political system. host: what is it about this election that is driving you to the polls? caller: mitt romney -- that's what decided me to get back into the political arena and let my voice be heard. callers are calling in. people pay attention to c-span. if they are listening, they would realize -- the last caller said something about president obama. he is the chief. there were being disrespectful. there would realize that mitt romney, if they listen to reports about china and closing down plants, as far as the lies he has been perpetrating as far as what he will do with the vision he supposed to have for the country, it is in a comparable and i do not understand why people do not realize that president obama became president -- will make this guy a onetime president. he got past because -- they made a promise that the people came in as far as congress is concerned. there are bills sent over there they decided they would not pass. they said they will make him a onetime president. they had the
night and i for once -- i agree with mitt. in california, a supporter of president obama. caller: how were you? thank you for taking my call. host: what did you think of the debate? caller: i think mitt romney endorsed president obama. he put his arms around him and agreed with all of his foreign policy. after 47 years trashing everything he had been doing. last night he said, i agree with everything you are doing president obama. you are awesome. i agree with that. for those undecided people, the only question i have to ask themselves -- why is mitt romney 30 points behind in his own home state? he is to go to a free point and have them -- help them save their money. he has a real-life scenario right of their purity can tell the whole world that he really wants to save american jobs and help those people in freeport. they have been begging for him to come there and help them. that is the real story that is in real time. and by the way, obama did help people in freeport. he did that china thing to keep their tires from going over there. he saved 1000 jobs in freeport. all you ought to
tired of this class warfare. you look at the most wealthy states in the nation, california, massachusetts, maryland. they are the most democratic states. they are the ones that claim they have all of the programs to help their constituents. you take the poorest states and they vote republican. why is that? is not because they are wealthy. they do not want government solving their problems. host: thanks for the call. josh, would you like to respond? guest: there are people in his community that may not be paying income taxes right now. the 47% that mitt romney spoke up and that the caller was referring to. it is wrong to cast seniors and veterans aside and suggest they are not paying their fair share. they pay their fair share entity to pay their fair share in other ways. i absolutely and completely reject the claim that mitt romney put forth. it shows how out of touch he is with what is going on in this country an average pennsylvania ns. host: let me bring up a question i brought up with terry madonna. pennsylvania is divided in the senate. you have a democrat, bob casey.
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